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We begin ROXIEQ AND F.BALI PRESENTS... with the purpose of providing our listeners with information about UP and Coming Entrepreneurs. Then we began to realize that there was other information that was needed to be provided that would be of great importance and service to our listeners as well

We air our shows on a bi-weekly basis and based on the importance of certain shows we may air continuing shows, those segments we consider to be our Special Segments.

If you or someone that you know would be interested in being featured on our show or if you have any suggestions for a show please notify us.  We would also like to provide you with the opportunity to advertise with us as well.  If your business, organization, or group would like to have your service or event announced during our shows or in our newsletters please contact us at



**You can also view our other websites for Residential and Commercial Cleaning  at RoxieQ Cleaning Services, LLC

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  • "I am overjoyed to hear that you already have set a date for next year's event! Thank you so much for supporting our research program in this way. You are inspirational!"
    Candice Bates
    Alzheimer Fundraiser
  • "You have success in your veins. Whatever your purpose , you will achieve it because you were born to be an role model for us all and I thank you for allowing me to be a part of..."
    Anne Herring
    Alzheimer Fundraiser